How to Find the Best AdSense Niches in the US Using Legal Averages

Legal Averages is an AdWords tool that allows you to find the best AdSense, affiliate and landing page placements for your online business. Legal Averages uses a sophisticated, proprietary mathematical formula to determine where you should place your ads, how much you should charge and what size of ad you should choose. All of this is done from millions of advertisers who use the same keywords, ad styles and bid amounts to guarantee they are getting high quality results at a low cost. You can also save time by targeting the exact keywords people are searching for.

AdWords tools such as Legal Averages allow you to target specific searches that closely relate to your main keyword phrase. That way you can ensure that AdWords advertisers with similar interests are showing up for your keywords. The top AdSense niches in the US (according to estimates) are: finance, insurance, health, travel, home, automobile and real estate.

You will discover that these keywords rank very well in Google’s broad range of queries, which increases your potential traffic. It is important not to spend too much money on AdWords campaigns for high competition keywords, because you may not get many visitors or sales. It is better to target the low competition AdSense niches in the US. There are many resources online that show you how to analyze the competition and AdWords budget. It may take some time and effort, but the payoff in traffic and profits greatly outweighs any cost, especially if you are already making money.

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