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Snappy Internet & telecom began as a Computer/Networking Operating System, offering Computer and Networking Office applications for all sizes of companies. The company’s mission was to combine hardware and software components that would deliver a comprehensive suite of tools for network, desktop, and server use. Today, with over 22 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications, the company continues to be on the cutting edge of mobile devices, networks, and software.}

The network services offered through Internet & telecom include data, voice, IP telephony, and other Internet-based services. In addition to Internet services, telecom services can also include voice mail, paging, IVR systems, conference call, white pages, voice mail, and similar telephone solutions. Internet & telecom companies are constantly upgrading their equipment and services to provide the latest technologies to their customers. They provide an extensive range of equipment and services including network installation and maintenance, to help organizations achieve business success. For the home office, Internet & telecom providers offer equipment and Internet access options such as home computer rentals, DSL Internet, cable Internet, and wireless broadband Internet.

When it comes to the mobile world, Internet & telecom play a key role. Internet telephony services are becoming increasingly popular. Mobile phone service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint rely on Internet & telecom for their success. Internet telephony services offer voice mail, caller ID, voicemail, fax and call waiting features. Internet telephony systems typically include three types of services:

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