The Inside and Out of Garden Homes

Garden home can refer to: a tiny building within a garden (e.g. a sun-decked cottage or a windmill shed), a home built within the confines of special enacted law (usu. Beside, what exactly defines a garden home? An outdoor home typically referred to as a patio home, is an American home in a rural setting, often part of a group of homes attached to each other, usually with shared walls between them… oftentimes but not always, connected by driveways or by paths set through the yard and / or grass… Typically, this type of dwelling arrangement is located within a gated community with access to limited public areas or to their own parking areas.

Most modern garden homes, for example, are built in the suburbs of America along the edges of metropolitan areas. Unlike a sun-decked cottage or a windmill shed, a garden home does not need to be heated, watered or provided with sewer or potable water. In most instances, it is built with its own power source… and most times, it has its own plumbing system. A garden home may also have its own electrician and / or electrician installation specialist.

This “house within a home” concept is increasingly becoming popular to those that want seclusion and privacy within their homes… but want to maintain some or all of those same activities that make up the typical American lifestyle. For many, this is not a difficult concept to grasp – especially if one lives in the city. The difficulty arises when a homeowner is trying to find property within the suburban “box” that allows for all these elements. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to find enclosed patios in the suburbs, but it is hard to find enclosed garden homes. For those that cannot find enclosed patio homes, or do not feel like building their own home garden, there are other options available in the form of manufactured homes or even an attached resort unit.

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